Welcome to our on-line document management portal.
You can obtain your invoices, PODs, Statement, Safe Disposal Certificates, place your orders and access various reports and pertinent information from the convenience of your desk!

How do I logon?

Select 'Login' below then enter your username and password to access the site.
You will be directed to your account held on our document server repository.
If you do not have your unique username and password, please request these from our customer service team, compass@compass.za.net.

How do I view documents?

Once you have accessed your account via our document server repository you will be provided with various menu options.
Make your selection to access and obtain the information that you require.
A user manual is available for you to download which will assist you in navigating the portal.
Select ‘User Manual’ found at the bottom right side of the screen to download the manual.

System Prerequisites

A modern and up to date browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is required to use this application.
JavaScript needs to be enabled and the Pop-up blocker needs to be deactivated.
To view the documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you are encountering problems in accessing the site please escalate the matter to your I.T. Department as there may be security limitations imposed on your server that may not allow you access to our portal.

Click on 'Login' below then enter your username and password to access the site.